Mum and daughter survive!

by: , USA -
June 27, 2015

My mum and I decided to do the Inca Trail together. My mum is 74 years old.

We are from America and my mum has hiked all over Zion, she has summited Mt. Whitney but Machu Picchu was completely different.

The days were long and on one day we arrived at the campsite after dark. Yes, my mum made it and she was great. I have to say that she made the entire hike because one of our tour guides, Marco, was absolutely amazing and incredibly patient. Marco assisted navigating giant boulders and killer steps with tender care. He went above and beyond what I would expect from a tour guide.

Our other guide was Paul, and he was an expert in Inca subject matter. He was able to answer every question with great detail.

My only concern was that there was not enough water, and I think there should always be water available. That's my only concern, but Marco and Paul's performance far out-weighed my frustration with the water.

Nicole Gardner

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