My Inca Trail Experience

by: , British -
June 15, 2012

The 4 day Inca Trail , ending with a guided tour of Machu Picchu, was a fantastic experience that is a must do whilst visiting Peru. The trail was one of the most physically and mentally challenging activities I have ever done, however, the satisfaction you feel when completing each section and taking in the views is well worth it.

The days are split into little sections with many regular breaks which makes it perfect for everybody, despite their age, gender or physical fitness level. You even get to learn about the Inca history and visit many of their archaeological sites which is extremely interesting and provides great view points.

Everything about this trail was fantastic, the food they provided was plentiful and suitable for all, you will never go hungry at breakfast, lunch, dinner and through the day with snacks and it provides an opportunity for your tour group to all sit together and bond. The tour guide was amazing at his job; very enthusiastic, upbeat, friendly and knowledgeable about the trail and its history. The porters they provide are incredible, carrying up to 20kg of weight on their shoulders and still managing to run pass you and set up camp for when you arrive. Lastly, the campsites they take you to have a perfect location with fantastic views of hills, mountains and rivers, all of which have facilities for you to use.

Inca Trail Reservations is a fantastic company to book your Inca Trail with as you are guaranteed to have a good time, make lots of friends and achieve something to be proud of. It is well worth your money and I would highly recommend this company to anybody interested in the trail.

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