My Machu Picchu adventure

by: , British -
August 15, 2014

Hello my name is Sindhuya but short name is Sindy and I am deaf. It was my first time trek to Machu Picchu in South America. That's massive challenge for me and I knew it, I couldn't cope with it but I was bravely through. I walked uphill and downhill which I can't and too frighten/fear but Juan Carlos helped me throughout while I had difficult steps for uphill and downhill. He was very patient with me and rest of group went too fast than me.

Our team (chef & porters) had a fabulous foods and very healthy which is unexpected. They are hard workers and patient while I arrived late for lunch because second day is hardest work ever in my life! I really appreciate with the team and my group. They are all supportive all the way and I will recommend to others about it. But for me that was my last time and never again! Lol! Big thanks to Juan Carlos and his team! :) By the way Machu Picchu is so beautiful! ;)

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