My taste of the Incan life

by: , Indian -
September 29, 2014

Let me begin by saying that this was the most fun trek of my life. Our adventure started with a relatively easy day where we spent the night in a quaint village. After the first day the trek began in earnest with a very difficult hike to Dead Woman's Pass. However our guide had prepared us well and was encouraging at all the rigor times. The feeling of scaling that summit was just amazing. Equally good was our camp site on day 2 where we got a great view of the mountains.

Day 3 started with an other steep incline but was by far the best day yet with great views and an inside look at the Incan way of life. Day 4 started early but the sight of the Sun Gate and of course Machu Picchu was well worth it. All in all I am totally exhausted but at the meantime very happy from this experience. I would totally recommend this to all my friends. I would also like to thank our guide, our porters and our cook. They made this difficult trek extra special.

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