Nearly died

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March 11, 2016

My Machu Pichu adventure was one hell of a ride! As a complete novice, this was my first time hiking, camping and even sleeping in a tent or sleeping bag, God only knows what I was thinking I booking this! Having said that, Inca Trail was an amazing company to go with. By far the slowest and least fittest of the group, I was always trailing behind the group, but there was always a guide with me the last person (mostly me) never rushing me but letting me go at my own pace, which I really appreciated. The tour guides were very informative and the service of the porters was phenomenal, carrying the extra luggage as well as all the camping and food gear. The food was absolutely amazing, gourmet dining whilst camping! Not to say this was easy, this trek was a killer, and I genuinely didn't think I would make it at times.. But as cliche as it sounds, it was totally worth it!

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