Old Man knees

by: , USA -
October 31, 2015

First day was a perfect start of the trip, we were able to adjust to the high elevation and test our tolerance for the next day by going to the lake.

On top of testing our tolerance, the lake was gorgeous¡ I was immediately impressed with the willingness of our guides to allow us to enjoy our time on the trip. I was simillarly impressed with the chef and the rest of the staff to have everything prepared ahead of us. The food was exceptional and I'm still trying to figure out how the chef was able to do so much with so little time and resources.

Day 2 was ridiculous and challenging with the added snow. I enjoyed every bit of the challenge and I'm happy i did the hike. It was very unfortunate for my knees, though, as all the downhill walking made the rest of the trip very difficult.

Third day at the pools were awesome! Lots of mosquitos, but otherwise great. Its been an overall great trip with great guides and staff. I'd highly recommend this to all my friends.

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