OMG :)

by: , Canadian -
April 07, 2016

Hi it's Raylene from Canadá ;) I would like to thank Paul,Liz,and Frank and the rest of the crew from Inca Trail Reservations for the most craziest adventure.

I have ever been on!!! four days of hiking. Up down down down..and even inca flats were not flat lol. spectacular views of mountains and glaciers and of course the many Inca ruins and being in the Amazon with the animals and plants.. And the food was nothing short of amazing!! Making it to Machu picchu was awesome!.

The guides were very knowledgable about the history and we felt the love they had of the land,history and of their jobs.

A pleasure to be with with the group and made many new friends along the way xxxooo have fun ;) .

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