Pain is Just Weakness Leaving the Body

by: , USA -
August 14, 2016

Where to start? How about Henry? He was entertaining, encouraging and informative. He was a great leader!.

He knew just what it took to help each of us get he best out of ourselves and the experience of walking along some of the most beautiful and, at the same time torturous trails imaginable. Okay, torturous might be a bit strong...but it was hard. Henry made it fun! . Then, there was Marco and Arturio. They were always really encouraging. Marco, especially, showed great concern for my well-being when he heard that I'd had a heart attack a few years ago. He waned to make sure I was safe. Oh, and rumor has it, he can levitate. :) .

How Raúl, our chef, along with his assistant, Juan Carlos, produced such superb meals in such an environment is simply mind boggling. Those guys were "da bomb." Last, but not least, the porters are supermen. Those guys are amazing! How they do what they do is beyond me !.

Seriously, Inca Trail Resevations has their act together. I recommend them completely.

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Nasca Hummingbird
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