Paul’s Peruvian parade

by: , American -
March 27, 2015

I was very excited to have the tour pick me up at the airport in Cusco upon my arrival. Felt like I was relaxing the second I stepped out of the airport and could ignore all the heckling taxi cab drivers trying to seduce me into their taxis... I simply pointed to a man holding a sign with my name on it. We were given a review of things to take and I was psyched that I could leave all unnecessary luggage at the hotel I stayed at in Cusco as I was staying there upon my return from the trek.

We gathered at a checkpoint with our three guides and immediately the chemistry of the group (16 strangers from 5 different countries) formed our new bonds. We saw sights and walked paths unlike any I've ever seen... all to the soundtrack of the Peruvian rain forest. I have walked away from this experience with many laughs, new experiences and possibly 5 or 16 friends that I truly believe I will see again. Oh, and now my Spanish is much better than it ever was ! Great times... want to do it again for sure. Bye Marco ! Bye Martin ! And was there somebody else..? Oh yeah, Bye Paul !!

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