Pay back trip

by: , USA -
August 30, 2015

This was my moms idea, and I can't say no to my mom so I decided to go along. We arrived two days before the trip to get used to the altitude which was a great idea not only for the altitude but also because the airline lost our baggage and we didn't get it until the next day.

After strolling along the streets of Cuzco we had our group meeting where we meet everyone. Everyone was cool and we had a great vibe together. The next day we left around five, picking up every and we were on our way. On the way we had a little accident but what's not a little excitement to start the trip. The first day was the "lazy day" which it was, there were some hills and some beautiful sights. The first trial was like a 5 min 45 degree incline which was horrible.

The next day was that times 1000. It was hard for me because I've never done a hike like this and it was crazy. The third day was the worst going up dead woman's pass was crazy. I went up for five minutes and stopped for ever. Luckily the guides were awesome and the helped me get threw it. They gave me lots of tips like zig zagging up and taking it slow going down. The last day was very easy. I got used to going up and so it was easy and I stayed with the group.

I was the last one of the 20 of us but that's okay because I feel like I enjoyed the views. My mom and I even got to see a green snake eating a frog, something that if we were going fast we would have missed.

We finally got to Machu Picchu and we were dead but the city was amazing. Even though it was tough I'm very happy my mom brought me along.

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