Peru virgin

by: , American -
July 04, 2015

This was my first experience in Peru. My first time in South America, actually.

I'll admit that I really had no idea of what to expect from this hiking trek that was to last four days long. I brought some hiking gear and thought I was ok, but turns out that I should have prepared for some extreme heat and extreme cold. The first day was long and tiring. The trail was rocky and went up and down.

I am not in shape at all so for me it was exhausting.The altitude was so high that I was gasping for air. However, the sights were amazing. The weather was cool and we could see amazing mountains and glaciers. Our guide Roger was very helpful and took care of us. The other helpers including the guys who carried our bags and the chef made the trip great. The food was tasty and I got to try cocoa tea for the first time.

The mountains in Peru are amazing, I am glad I got the chance to go hiking in an amazing and scenic country.

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