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by: , canadian -
May 17, 2016

So painful for my knees. The hardest thing I have done of my all life. But something I so proud.

I have seen so many beautiful stuff, all the inca ruins, the views. I had a wonderful guide, Marco, who explain us so many about the incas spirit and their life. I make friend on my group and we will stay in contact. I'm so impress by the chasquis. They are so strong and the food was excellent in fact

I ate better food on the treck than at my hotel. I don't forget the Macchu Picchu. We arrived at the sun gate in the morning and we have the privilege to see the sunrise on this beautiful city. The Macchu Picchu is something every people have to see one time in his life but I think we need to do the Inca Trail before to understand this civilization. I recommend this treck to everybody who want to live a wonderful adventure.

Thanks Marco and Inca Trail Reservation.

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