Probably the best experience of m’y life

by: , Australian -
August 24, 2016

If anybody is thinking of hiking the Ince Trail to Machu Picchu, just do it! It is challenging but in the process you learn a lot about yourself.

If you are serious about going you have to book months in advance to secure a pass! This gives you heaps of time to build up some fitness that will help you enjoy the trek all the more. I simply jumped on my bicycle and put in some time on a stepping machine , well worth it.

Along the trek you will come across jaw dropping scenery at every turn in the path. Make sure. to bring spare batteries for your camera.

The exhilaration you experience when you reach Sun Gate cannot be described. There are countless pictures of Machu Picchu from Sun Gate but none does it justice! You really have to go there to experience he majesty of the site.

It it critically important to have a great guide and we were so fortunate to find Rony Chambi Puma.

His English is perfect and is knowledgeable of every aspect of Ince culture. He did everything possible to make our adventure one we never will never forget!

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