Proud of myself

by: , USA -
October 01, 2014

Well, I can definitely say that it was an adventure. The Inca Trail was both, more and less difficult than I expected. It was less difficult in the sense that, before the trek, I honestly was not sure if I would make it. I have asthma and have never been hiking at this kind of altitude before so I was not quite sure how my body would react. I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to make it, but I can honestly say that it was more difficult than I had imagined.

That being said, I tend to take the easy way out of things and give up when things get too difficult, so I am very proud of myself and amazed at what I was able to accomplish. I could not have done it without the help of everyone on the tour. The porters did an amazing job and I was astonished at how well they are able to navigate all of the difficulties of the Inca Trail somewhat effortlessly.

The cook did an incredible job providing food that was both delicious and essential to navigating all of the challenges ahead. Our guide Victor did an excellent job both preparing us mentally for everything that we were about to face and working with us to ensure that we all made it successfully. Finally, the sense of community that he helped create amongst us, like a family, helped make it an experience that I will not forget.

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