reflecting on life on the Inca Trail

by: , Canadian -
January 03, 2013

Coming to Cusco I was not entirely sure what to expect for my hike on the Inca trail. Prior to arriving at the Inca trail I had only done minor day hikes in moderately challenging terrain. Because of this I truly appreciate the advice given by the tour advisors and the Inca Trail Reservations website regarding what equipment to bring and what to expect. Thanks to this advice I felt confident I was prepared on the day of the trek and I was correct. I ended up using every piece of equipment that was recommended at least once and it definitely made the trek much more enjoyable.

Coming from a beginner hiker the trek was no easy feat. I expected it to be difficult but the second day definitely surprised me with just how difficult it really was. The climb to the peak of the first mountain on the second day was an excrutiating and physically demanding process but it was no doubt possible as long as you took your time. However, reaching the top felt like one of the greatest accomplishments I had ever achieved. It was a truly rewarding experience as I felt like I was on top of the world.

The food was incredible during the trek. I was amazed at the quality and quantity of food that was produced by the porters and chef with such minimal equipment and prep time. The food deserves high praises since it provided enough fuel for us to complete each leg of the journey.

The guides were excellent. Ruben and Hans were both incredibly friendly and personable people. Being around the same age as me and my companions we got along very well and shared many stories and experiences with each other. When it came to the actual hike they were extremely accomodating and did not rush anyone and always ensured no one was left behind.

Overall the Inca trail hike with Inca Trail Reservations was a rewarding experience. I am glad I did and I would definitely recommend this company to my friends in the future.

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