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March 11

First of all, I should say, that is was one of my biggest dreams to go to Peru since 5 years. I read a lot about the Inka Culture and I am so interested in all ancient cultures and histories. So that's why I really wanted to see the Machu Picchu.

When I am decided to do the Inka trail I definitly not knew, how hard it would be. Few days before, I've done the volcano canyon trek for just two days and I was a little bit scared about the Inka trail.

If it's to hard for me, if there will be to much rain, if the group is more trained then me and so on. Now I am sitting in a restaurant, with hurting legs, sunburned face, low camera battery and 1500 pictures in my dirty and wet backpack - and I am couldn't be happier!!!.

Every hard step makes me felt more proud of myself - that was definitely the best experience in my whole life and in this moment I am starting to realizing it. I would recommend it to everybody if you want to get to know yourself better. Even its a little bit expensive.

I am interested in the Inka culture, I wanted to see the Machu Picchu and I recognized in Peru that I love to trek - so that was the best experience and option for me!.

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