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January 04, 2015

I was very excited and looking forward to the trail the days before we finally took off. I was ready for an adventure ! The first day we started with a very nice "going for a walk" hiking level, beautiful views, ruins and landscape, no rain and not even too long, but the second day I didn't expect to get almost killed at the "Dead Women's Pass" ! it was an amazingly steep section with never-ending steps all morning long. Take this with a backpack, a sleeping mat, an unusually heavy sleeping bag, water and food and ... on the way down we had another 800 steps to tackle... and not to forget the rain. We arrived at the campsite in pouring rain (as far as I remember as I felt so destroyed), where we were expected by our amazing crew of porters and a great cook. With the snacks, hot tea and delicious food afterwards I recovered soon.

The 3rd day was the longest of all - 10 hours on the track (we were only distracted by a great lunch break) and another 3000 steps downhill, what a killer ! are they kidding, these Incas? however with a beautiful rainbow and fantastic views on impressive ruins and the breathtaking landscape again. The last night at our last campsite (can't wait to see a shower again) were surprised by our crew with a delicious cake which they prepared without an oven on the track, how awesome is this? that's very Inca style ;-) on our last morning we got up at 3.30am in order to try to be the first ones at the checkpoint to Machu Picchu, but we weren't, of course. We were competing with tons of groups ! anyways, our last section until our final goal was only 1.5 h which was pure motivation and couldn't be destroyed by the "Gringo killer" stairs before we arrived at the Sun Gate finally.

We were rewarded by an awe-inspiring view on the temples of Machu Picchu and the weather couldn't be better for an exciting tour through this sacred place ! I think that reward was in exchange for the sacrifice I left for Pachamama and Inti at the pass 2 days ago :) sulpayki (or so... supposed to be Quechua) for this unforgettable trip !

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