Sal- yes, we can -tay

by: , Belgian -
July 29, 2016

The Salkantay trail is the most beautiful trek I have ever done. The (seriously uphill) hike to an icy lake enclosed by mountains on the first day was an absolute joy.

Swimming is free by the way, if you can handle the temperature of the water (a balmy 2.5 cm). The second day was a real test of our endurance as we climbed more then 800 meters to the Salkantay Pass through some of the most breathtaking landscape we ever set our eyes on.

The last two days brought an almost jarring change of scenery as we exchanged the cold and the cows of the mountains for the heat and the insects of the jungle. When we finally arrived at our destination, all annoyances were forgotten.

Little annoyances because we hardly experienced inconvenience thanks to our great team!.

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