Salkantay 5 day 4 night adventure

by: , Canadian -
June 09, 2014

Before starting this trek I was truthfully nervous for what was up ahead. I packed for all 4 seasons but was not ready for what was up ahead. What I mean by this is, this trek is tough, and something I could not have prepared myself for was all the sights up ahead.

Every step I took was worth, every sight I saw: the lake on the first day, Salkantay top on the second, hot springs on the third, zip lining on the fourth - everything was amazing !!! Absolutely breathtaking. Not only did the sights well surpass my expectations - so did the food. Every time we stopped for breakfast, lunch or dinner we always had this fantastic 3 course meal ready for us! did an amazing job supporting the sexy llamas (group name) throughout the entire trek. Thank you so much!!!

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