Salkantay 5 day

by: , Australian -
July 01, 2014

I had a great time on this trek. The amount of hiking was manageable and well spaced, and the views, of course, made even the most strenuous days well worth it.

We had two fabulous guides who were extremely helpful and encouraging. Carlos and Martin were always willing to go the extra mile to help, even offering to help carry bags. They also did a great job welcoming us and letting us join the 'family'.

The food was delicious, and they were very kind in providing vegetarian meals for me, just sometimes too much!

It was very nice to find the tents set up for us, ready to go. There was always enough room, but it was sometimes a little uncomfortable, especially as a side sleeper. That's the reality of tent camping, though. The second night was much more comfortable, since we were on long grass.

All in all, this was a very enjoyable trip!

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