Salkantay adventure

by: , Swiss -
September 12, 2016

Our Salkantay Trip was just amazing and so much fun! I enjoyed it very much and our group was so funny, we had a great team spirit. The tents were really big and always clean and as well ready to sleep. The food was great and the kitchen team was so friendly, I was never hungry. Especially the coca tea in the morning was very nice! Our Guides were both very friendly and they had a wide knowledge about the area, plants and the story about the Inca's.

So in the whole I would really recommend the trip and as well the agency. The only negative point for me was the tips we had to pay as well as the short way to the hot springs. I had to pay such a lot for this trip so I thought there is maybe included a 5mins way to hot springs or the tip for our staff. Of course I was very thankfull for their work so it was a pleasure to give them a tip.

Thanks for the trip! :-))

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