Salkantay the wild mountain

by: , United States of America -
May 22, 2014

The Salkantay trail with is an amazing experience! The scenery is unbelievably gorgeous and all the employees are outstanding. We were able to see the Andes, Peruvian highlands and the Jungle.

Our guide Carlos spoke excellent English, Spanish and the local highland language that allowed our group to communicate and learn from everyone on the trail. The chef that was apart of our little family for the week, woke up every morning in time to kindly wake us up with a cup of tea, before we ate his excellent breakfast by 6:00 am.

The second day of our hike was fairly difficult because it rained and then snowed. I would recommend bringing rain pants along with plenty of socks if the weather is rainy like it was for my group. By reaching all of our campsites first we were able to claim the best spots for our tents and dry out any clothing that got wet on the trail.

After seeing other groups on the trail I can confidently say that is one of the best staffed and organized companies on the trail.

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