Salkantay to Machu Picchu

by: , Malaysia -
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May 05

The trip start with a long bus ride from Cusco, about 2 hours long. It start with a moderate hike for about 2 hours. We hike to a lake after the lunch. Lunch time was late so prepare to have some snacks in your bag.

The hardest part was second day, where we ascend 800 meters then descend 1000 meters in the same day. Hiking poles are recommended especially when hiking down to the mountain.

Easy hike on day 3 and 4 where we opt for zip line. Zip line is extra so it might not necessarily fair to people who wanted to hike and didn't want to pay extra.

Last day in Machu Picchu, breath taking view and would recommended hike to Huaynapicchu. Overall a nice trip.

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