Salkantay Trail

by: , USA -
November 14, 2012

The four day trek was just right for us. We ended up with a wonderful guide named Ernan. He was professional and familiar with the trail. Most of all he was very caring. We were the slowest of the entire group and Ernan always made sure we were okay.

This is not an easy trek. We traveled for 34 kilometers and ascended 9000 feet. The altitude sickness is something that everybody should take seriously and be prepared. As long as you are fit, you should be okay. Comfortable hiking shoes is a must. Sleeping arrangement in the tent was comfortable. Food was somewhere between okay and good. Keep in mind that your cook is hiking with you and all the supplies are loaded on mules.

We traveled from U:S. and the person who coordinated our trip was very helpful. Inca Trail personnel in Cusco were helpful and the overall trip was well organized. Our only bad experience was with the company rep. in Aguas Calintes whom forgot to coordinate our train schedule with folks in Ollantay and we ended up taking a taxi to Cusco. Also make sure to lower your expectation when in comes to lodging in Aguas Calintes; it is hostel style lodging.

Our overall experience was positive and we would recommend this trek to others. This is a spectacular trek and it is an experience you won´t forget. People of Cusco are great; they are friendly and kind.

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