Salkantay trek 5D/4N

June 17, 2014

Incredible trek.

The first two days were probably the toughest physically, especially as we were still getting used to the altitude, but they also had some of the most spectacular views (the lake at the bottom of Umantay mountain and the starry sky at the first campsite, the Salkantay summit, and the clouds below us at the second lunch site).

The food was great, especially considering the conditions in which it was cooked and waking up to a knock on the door and a warm cup of coca tea every morning was greatly appreciated.

The thermal baths at Santa Teresa on the third day were lovely and very welcome, after the best lunch (and biggest appetite) of the trek.

The campsites got warmer and warmer each night and sleeping in a hostel the last night almost felt weird after staying in campsites over the past couple of days.

Ending the trip at Machu Picchu at sunrise on the last day and walking up to the top of Machu Picchu mountain was incredible and totally worth the effort, and all the more enjoyable having finished the Salkantay trek before, although walking down to Aguas Calientes after climbing Machu Picchu / Wayna Picchu mountain had us wishing we were done with steps for the next couple of months or so.

Victor and Hilton, our guides, were great, attentive, friendly and generally fun to be around.

As a whole, it was an awesome experience and I wouldn't have wanted it in other way - great group, great guides, great views and great food.

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