Salkantay Trek

by: , American -
August 14, 2014

The whole trek and camping experience was truly magical. I definitely would not have been able to see or do the things I did without this tour group. Let me give you a few reasons why:

The first night we stayed at a beautiful campsite in the mountains, run by a Peruvian family, with beautiful views of the mountains and glaciers; our cooks were also incredible -- they cooked us breakfast, lunch and dinner, we always had soup, more than enough of quantity and choices for the main course, and always tea and coffee provided. In addition, I am a vegetarian, and I was made a separate main course for every single meal for no extra charge. In addition, there were also parts of other main courses that I could eat. The cooks were very accommodating and I really appreciated that.

The second day was the most rigorous physically, but also the most rewarding; we hiked to the summit of the Salkantay mountain at 15,000 feet or 4600 meters; after the rigorous physical demands of the second day we went to a hot springs called Santa Teresa which was amazing and so soothing and so relaxing; the third day was very fun -- we were given the option to hike 6 hours or zip line half of the way and hike the other half to Aguas Calientes and we chose to zip line; this was such a fun and remarkable experience; we zip lined through 6 cables and had remarkable views of the mountains and lakes below and above and it was so much fun and such a thrilling experience; the hike to Aguas Calientes was great.

Also, I highly recommend our tour guide Ramiro. He was incredibly understanding, helpful, and attentive to our needs and how we were feeling at all times. He was so helpful and thoughtful -- he knew a lot about the history of everywhere we went and he was a great resource.

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