Salkantay trek

by: , Dutch -
May 02, 2014

I had much fun in the trek. The views were amazing and I really liked the nature and the mountains. The food was great, all the meals where fresh made, accept the last lunch. The first breakfast and last lunch and dinner we had to pay by ourselves, same with the hot springs, the bus back from the hotsprings and the Machu Picchu, what I found pretty annoying, because we paid a lot for this trip, more than with some other companies.

The guide spoke English, which was a big plus. Same with the size of the group: at the beginning 6 people, and the last days 4 people. The atmosphere was good, with the happy hours and playing cards before dinner. And the tents where build up inside a big tent or upstairs on a wooden terrace, so that it was less cold and wet with the rain. Perfect! In the mornings we had a wake-up with warm coca tea and water to wash. I felt really well-cared. The last day camping and walking was less good, it felt a little like the guide and cooks wanted to go home. But overall a really good experience and a top trek!

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