Salkantay trekking

by: , Switzerland -
July 29, 2014

Day 1: After a bus ride we started to walk until our first campsites. There we had lunch, before we walked to a very nice lagoon with a wonderful view. The trail was very steep but it was worth it. After some explanations from Carlos, an offering made with stones and a "family-picture" we walked back to the campsite, where we had "happy-hour" and dinner.

Day 2: After a very cold night in our tents, we started at 6 am hiking. After we got to the highest point of our trip, we started walking downhill towards jungle. I was really impressed, how fast the climate changes. The view up to the Salkantay Mountain was, even in the jungle, still amazing. After many hours of walking, we were happy to get to our campsite. Everyone was tired after this long day, so we went to sleep early.

Day 3: We started our walk again early, so that we would get early to the next campsite. After the exhausting second day, this day was really easygoing. The weather was very sunny and we were happy, that we could walk in t-shirt and shorts. Carlos explained us again many things about nature and we had the opportunity to try different fruits. In the afternoon we went to the hot springs, which was a pleasure.

Day 4: After some hours of walking on a plane trail, we finally got to Aguas Calientes, our last stop before Machu Picchu. It was so exciting to see up to the mountains, where Machu Picchu is located. Now I can't wait anymore to get there!

This trip was really a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who likes nature and walking! Everyday was special and very exciting! Our guide, Carlos, was always very well organized and taught us much about Peru and the Inca culture, which was very interesting.

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