Sexy llamas with huge backpacks

by: , Ukraine -
April 06, 2017

I expected less from the trip, to be honest, and would be happy even so. But the hike was beyond my expectations! If I try to come up with the things which impressed me the most, it will be:

1. The team. I was lucky to meet great guys -- all of my team were great people and just fun to hike with.

2. The guide. Cesar did a great job making the trip fun and informative -- and to bring us together. It's obvious he enjoys what he does, and that's infectious!

3. Inca sites during the track. If I close my eyes, I still remember beautiful inca places from each day -- they impressed me the most, and I believe without seeing them and listening their story I wouldn't enjoy Maccu Piccu so much in the end.

4. The nature. No words needed

5. The food :)

All great, in short words! Super happy :)

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