Sexy Pumas do Salkantay

by: , Australian -
July 18, 2016

I found the Salkantay trek with Henry and Jackson to be very professional and informative. The two were very accommodating to peoples' varying fitness and experience levels. Food and services provided by the crew were great. A great experience overall. Have the following points as areas for improvement:

- although the "stuff to bring" email advised a -10 deg sleeping bag, we were only supplied with a 2 deg one by the company for rental

- I personally find the expected tipping a little hard to swallow. I would much prefer if tips were included in the total price, and then the money passed onto the employees directly. This especially applies as this is one of the more expensive tours available.

- later in the tour, we were no longer given boiled water, and encouraged to buy water at expensive prices at the accommodation. This is not acceptable when it is stated that water is provided every day.

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