Sexy pumas

by: , Sweden -
March 22, 2016

I absolutely loved my trip through Salkantay . I hadn't expected so much comfort, I thought we would be more responsible for our own belongings and well being.

That being said, the guides and team were outstanding in their kindness and care they took of us. This was a very comfortable trip, the tents being set up for us, the food being prepared for us, hot tea in the morning after being woken up by the team, it was very very nice and I really appreciated all of the service.

The food was great, always hot, and always enough. I loved the hot drink options and the popcorn and snacks after hiking. I think there should be a restriction on who can go on the hike based on experience or something, so that those who want to hike a lot and hike fast can without being slowed down by other members.

The same goes for the slower members - they should be able to hike in a group at their own pace without being in a mixed group. Other than the mixed experience levels, everything was beautiful.

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