So glad I’m not a porter..!

by: , Norwegian -
May 04, 2015

I've dreamt about visiting Machu Picchu for a long time, and Inca Trail Reservations really made the trip something I will remember for the rest of my life. A huge thanks to our group, which was amazing with two norwegians, two americans and one guy from England that all became pretty close at the end of the trip. And last but not least, a huge thanks to our tour guide, Americo also known as Americano also known as the-guy-who-says-of-course-in-every-sentence. He was a very chill and funny guy and he had a lot of information about everything we came across, either if it was flowers, birds or inca-sites.

Alsoa huge thanks to the staff. The food was very good and I speak for both myself and my vegetarian girlfriend. And of course the porters.. I can't even describe my admiration for what they did. They might look like small hobbits, but they are probably stronger than both you and your whole family combined. We complained about our bags that weighed maybe 5 kilos, while the porters carried maybe 30 kilos!! We never stopped beinbg amazed by them when they walked past us in a tempo we could only dream about achieving. One guy apparently hold the record for completing the inca trail in less than four hours.. in his sandals!

But be aware that the trip is pretty hard.. at least the second and third day and be prepared for all kinds of weather because it can change in a heartbeat. Apart from that you will see some amazing sights along the way and some amazing wildlife. Watch out for llamas in the track!

Regards from Norway..!

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