Stairway to heaven

by: , Canadian -
April 07, 2016

It's Thursday morning I'm waking up at 5h to meet the others persons I'm going to spend the next four days with.

We all meet at the bus, a little drive and their we are for a trip to remember for the rest of are lives and new friends as well. First day it's easy, to see are we doing and to knows each other. The first meal it's spectacular, there we are sitting under a tent and the cook put up with something I rarely make at home. The second day it's hard if you don't follow advice from the guides. You can see so beautiful thinks out there you forget how hard it is. You spend some time making friends while walking, you meet people from all over the planet.

Then on the fourth day the magical view arrived at dawn we can see it. We don't feel are backpack anymore we just want to walk in to the city.

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