Step by step journey

by: , United States -
August 27, 2017

I was not sure what to expect during the Salkantay trek. It was difficult at times, others it was fine but always with surrounded by great views that made it worth it . First day had steep hikes, night was freezing and we got rain! .

Second day we got cold weather, rain, hail and light snow!!! So always be prepared for the weather. The rest of the day's the weather improved greatly ! . Camp sites were good. Some better than others. Paul our tour guide was very helpful. I hurt my knee and he provided mess to help me heal. The cook Carmen and Ronald made awesome food with minimum kitchen utensils, they even catered to my dairy free diet!!! .

They were wonderful!!! . The adventure was great. A personal journey with wonderful sights and a great camping team. on the 4th day I did the zip line instead of the morning hike. It is a must!!!! . Tomorrow Machu Picchu, can't wait!!! .

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