Team Dutch/Finland got ENGAGED!!!

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March 17, 2016

Our adventure began March 17th 2016!

I was incredibly nervous for this trip because I just came out of the hospital 3 days before. My body was definitely not ready for this crazy trip ahead! But here we go...

We arrived to late for our prep speech, but Juan Carlos waited for us till past closing time and gave us all the information needed for the trip!

The first day for me was a terrible one. I felt very sick all the way, couldn't eat, struggled with the walk even though it was supposed to be the easiest one. Juan Carlos and Marco helped a lot along the way by motivation me, checking on me and asking the chef to make something special for my stomach!

After a very nervous night, with very realistic goals ahead for the next day I woke up with a better stomach and ready to go. Marco arranged a porter and the way up was a lot easier than expected. The way down was amazing!! The porters kept amazing me along the way with their speed, but they also looked exhausted! The second camp site was nice, I was the first one down and I didn't see anyone pointing to which camp site to go so I got a bit lost. The tents were on stones which hurt during the night, but the dinner again was amazing, the popcorn during tea time was the best and the ghosts stories were... Well.... They kept me awake, but it was amazing!

Day 3 was the most amazing walking day! The nature was absolutely stunning! It was not that hard and we had a lot of fun with incredible stories from Juan Carlos again at each Inca ruin! The camp site was absolutely amazing was a crazy view! The last dinner was great, but a weird situation started around the tips. I personally felt pretty awkward! Could have been timed better and felt forced. For us a backpackers a trip like this is already extremely expensive, so I felt pushed!

After another hard night and a short one it was a fast race down to get a spot on the bench before we could start the last part of the trip. Running to the Sungate we were so lucky with the clear view and had the best morning at Machu Picchu! Juan managed to push us to walk fast and it was the best because we were the first at the important stops! With an amazing arrival at Machu Picchu, my boyfriend (now fiancé) on his knee, the whole group feeling like a family and Juan's stories making it all feel like an even more magical experience,my Inca Trail could now have ended better!

Thank you guys for this unforgettable experience! Memories I'll take with me for the rest of my life!

Saludos y hasta luego!

Laura Medina van Marle

P.s. The wedding invite will follow

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