Thank you, Inca Trail Reservations

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June 05, 2012

We booked through Inca Trail Reservations as we heard great things through word of mouth. Overall we were quite satisfied with the trip, though there were some obstacles as with any trip. Our favorite activities were hiking through the jungle on day three and our guide’s wonderful presentation of the significance of the Andean Cross in the sand. Our least favorite activity was our stay in Aguas Calientes, I believe this was far too long for tired travelers. Nevertheless, I would recommend this trek – it was an unforgettable life experience.

Machu Picchu and Cusco is a walk through history. The preservation and restoration of theses site and towns is something we should all be grateful for as citizens of the world. I truly believe we could learn from the intelligence of the Incas and their story.

Our transportation from Aguas Calientes did not go as planned. Our train was delayed several hours and we were unable to communicate with the rest of our group, eat, drink or use the facilities. Much to our dismay, when we returned, there was also no one to pick us up from the bus and we were not in a safe place. We did not reach home until 1:30 hrs. Fortunately, the travel agency reimbursed us for our expenses and offered their sincere apologies.

The porters and how they transport shelter and food down the mountain was part of the experience and they were treated well by all guides and travelers. I believe the travel agency should be more forthcoming about what the expenses are for transport and a guide so we can be sure to tip a percentage appropriately. Aside from the fact, I was extremely grateful for the exposure to the Cechua language and culture.

If I could offer any advice, it would be to sit back, relax and take it all in. To enhance your experience, you may want to pack lightly, bring waterproof bag covers and ankle-shin guards for the rain. The weather is always changing and can be enjoyed appropriately if all precautions are taken.

Thank you, Inca Trail Reservations and good luck in the future!

Erin Penha

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