The best memories are something that you can proudly wear

by: , Français -
November 29, 2014

Even saying good stuff about a 4 day tour in the middle of the jungle, walking 6 to 8 hours a day in a typical Inca's path, drinking the same hot water with tea, powder chocolate or milk, using toilets that doesn't deserve this appellation, and sleeping in a cold tent. Anyway, this is more than that ! It will mostly remind me very good memories.

The crew: from everywhere in the world, that perfectly proved that when we have common goals, you temporarily belong to the same family. You make more social efforts; opening your hear and your spirit.

The guide: funny, sensitive, and generous, still very concerned about the ancient, and curious about the future.

And the cooker(s) plus the porter(s): always ready to help. Still shy of Occidentals, but part of one of the most peaceful culture of the world.

Second, the landscape, something that you can't find anywhere else, even in a post card or in Google images. Talk about it would be too long.

Last, do this trek for yourself. You like luxury, jacuzzi and champagne ? Me too, but I also like to overcome myself, to see if I am capable to forget material gift of my parents for natural gifts of Mountains. I did, and I hope you will too. This is all the best I can wish to someone who will read this comment. And how we said in Quechua: howki wonki !

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