The campsite perfect

by: , Dutch -
January 24, 2016

Great breefing by Miguel,

Day 1: Little slow start , we reached the starting point after a nice breakfast. The walk was easy the campsite perfect !!! .

Day 2: Tough walk but hard good beakfast . We walked fast up slept on top for 30 min.

walking for rest of the group !! Campsite was amaking and we rested for afternoon, Good dinner.

Day 3 : Walked with Marco. Fantastic days. We spend o hours 4 had a small lunch paclud. Best day, fast walk 8 saw m.p. reached aqua calientes at 4pm buy bus .

Day 4: The group at 8 am.!! walked as they got late as someone got sick. We had a nice guided tour by Miguel !!.

Thanks Saida.

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