The closest I’ve come to death

by: , New Zealand Eurpoean -
August 12, 2016

It's fair to say that I'm a fairly impetuous person that tends to dive headstrong into things with inadequate preparation or consideration.

The thought of the Inca Trail seemed like a brilliant idea several months out when booking vacancies were still vacant. The problem is, time can make a person ignorant or somewhat nonchalant and as my inca experience rapidly approached I became aware of my lack of preparation for a hike I had been informed was a challenge.

So day one of the hike, I had taken nothing for altitude and was unsure how my body and respiratory system would cope with the scrutiny.

But things went surprisingly smoothly. My fitness level managed to cope adequately with the incline and I had no real elevation issues.

The hike was great. Day one was a steady introduction to what would lie ahead. Day two was hard but manageable, and the sense of relief at the summit (and view) made the journey worthwhile. Day three was less of a challenge but still a little taxing on the joints descending, and the inca sites and views from the second summit were great. Machu Picchu was pretty, especially the view from the sun gate as we ascended over the final steep incline.

Our guide, Juan Carlos, was fabulous. Hilarious and very well informed with his inca knowledge making the tour aspects very interesting.

The food and camping arrangements were also great - let down only by the bathroom situation which is currently being remedied thanks to government intervention.

Overall an awesome, worthwhile experience and highly recommended to anyone.

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