The hardest four days of my life

October 25, 2014

I was greatly unprepared for the trek, not knowing much about what was to come, having no hiking boots or poles, or even a proper backpack. The weather was on the cusp of wet season so was very temperamental. I have bad knees for my age so had real problems with them, and contracted a bad case of gastro which tainted the experience as I was constantly battling sickness and the elements. However, I am extremely proud and happy with my achievement - Machu Picchu is well worth it !. The porters were amazing, cooked such delicious food for us and looked after us well.

Our guide - Romero - was a fantastic man to us. As a group of four young girls, he looked after us, explained the trek, the land, and the Inca history very well. When we were unwell he would always try pick us up emotionally and mentally, while also supplying herbal and western medication to us as best he could. He put up with our whinging and mood swings, and our sicknesses that made for a tiring four days for all of us - we are all very grateful and will never forget what he did for us and the jokes we shared. He also acted as a translator for us and the porters so that we were able to interact properly with one another.

All in all Inca Trail Reservations was good value for money and was everything you could ask for in a trekking company, just do your research and be prepared for the elements and the battles of climbing 4,200 meters as these are out of the control of the company and were the only parts of the trip that I look back on and shudder ! Also would have been nice if they had warned us we had to carry our own sleeping bag and sleeping mat.

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