The hike with the “King of the Mountain”

by: , Canadian -
March 15, 2015

Where do I start ! We started our adventure finding the office and meeting our guide Carlos, "The King Of The Mountains". The next morning an early start and bus ride to Ollantaytambo to start our journey. This is something I have wanted to do since I was a young boy. I am so glad I was able to do this with my girlfriend Aleena, so proud of her and myself.

The hike started out a lot easier than I imagined especially with a 14 kg backpack. Did not feel that strong after seeing the porters and what they would carry and how they hiked the amazing Inca Trail ! The porters to me are definitions of an Inca Warrior. What they do is remarkable and I respect them more than ever and will remember and talk about these men the rest of my life.

The second day was the hardest but with the help and encouragement of our guides made it a lot easier. Carlos is extremely intelligent and full of knowledge of the Inca Trail and culture. Every day we learned something new about the trail and the amazing culture of the Incas.

Every meal was amazing ! It is remarkable they can cook food like this in conditions that they are in. I ate better on this trail than I have in Peru so far on my trip in Peru.

The Inca Trail for me was more special than our destination "Machu Picchu". This had to do with the non stop hospitality from our porters and the non stop family love from our guides Carlos and Nilton ! Thank you so much for is amazing experience that I will never forget.

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