The Inca Trail!

by: , Dutch -
November 10, 2013

Walking THE famous Inca Trail , what an experience! We hiked the trail in a small group of five, all young enthusiastic people. We were lucky to begin the first day with sun and a blue sky. The views were spectacular, and this was just the beginning.

Our guide Carlos told us a lot about the Inca culture and the Inca site we passed on the hike. When we arrived at the campsite our tents were already set up by the porters. Lunch and dinner were great during the whole trip, lots of compliments for the cook!

The second day was hard, five hours of steep hiking up to 4215 meters, but for me a good experience. I have done hiking trails before but never at this altitude. It was difficult but the reward of being there at the summit was great. We were all very proud of each other!

The third day was rainy, but that was expected in the rain season. The rain stopped when we reached Intipata. Even the sun came out and gave us a spectacular view from this site. We made nice pictures here!

The last day, the day we have all been waiting for: Machu Picchu! When we arrived at the sun gate machu picchu appeared through the clouds, it was magical! The ruin was bigger than I expected and so beautiful.

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