The Inca Trail: An Experience worth the effort!

by: , French -
January 18, 2013

The Inca Trail was a great experience for me in general even though it had its ups and downs. The big downside was the altitude sickness that I got on the second day when climbing the never ending staircases of Dead Woman´s Pass. Aside from that, powering through was definitely worth it, not only for Machu Picchu itself but also for the breathtaking scenery and great company of our guide, David, and the always enthusiastic porters and cook. Speaking of cooking, the food was amazing, almost more then we could handle, but us having been five guys and burning those calories everyday, it was very refreshing to arrive at campsite with a proper warm meal ready for us. Therefore regardless of the efforts and tole on the body, the organisation was top notch and we were taken care of in all situations. Furthermore, David was knowledgeable on everything we encountered and did not hesitate to answer all of our questions as insignificant as they might have been.

The trip in general was very fun, we were a small group of five but we got along with the porters, guide and cook, and joked around constantly. We learned a bit of Quechua and enjoyed the company of the locals at the different camp-sights.We saw heaps of animals and sometimes even ate the natural food that grew along the trek, we even showered in the freezing rivers that came down from the glacier peaks to the enjoyment of all that observed us and thought us silly!

All in all, I recommend for everyone to do this trail if they can, it´s a wonderful experience!

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