The inca trail is an amazing experience

by: , Dutch -
July 23, 2012

The Inca Trail is an amazing experience. A lot of stunning views, beautiful ruins, a large variety of flora were the ingredients of this adventure.

Walking along the old inca path nothing but respect for the incas which made this path, but also walked it frequently. Physically seen the trail is a challenge, even though it is one to take it feels like an achievement. Together with the fellow travelers you can share about the great moments you face together. Living by the rhythm of the sun means early up and also early into bed, which provides the possibility to enjoy the sun beams coming over the mountains creating a mystical view of the environment. You can totally understand why the incas chose this area to stay.

The achievement of the group has been made possible by the crew of Inca Trail Reservations . The food was delicious and gave the necessary energy.

The guide told interesting stories about the ruins we passed on our way and helped us to keep the right velocity. The fact that so less is known about the incas and how they were able to built, literally, such a enormous empire makes it more interesting.

The visit to Machu Picchu is a great ending of the journey! This Inca city is clearly one of the miracles the incas left to the world. Visiting the inca bridge will give the extra thrill if you like really steepness’s and for the daredevils it is possible to sit on the edge to make an awesome picture!

In conclusion, you can state that the Inca Trail is a life enriching experience in which you will meet an ancient culture. AWESOME!

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