the Inca Trail

by: , Canadian -
June 08, 2012

Since the age of 10 or 11, I’ve been waiting the day that I would finally have the chance to visit Machu Picchu’s ruins. This year, my brother and I decided that we would take a few weeks of vacation to travel to Peru to mainly do the Inca Trail and visit Machu Picchu. We didn’t know what to expect other than the fact that the trek can be quite demanding on the body and mind. We started our trek on June 8th, 2012, which was a rainy day.

The weather was a bit strange due to the fact that it kept raining in and out, giving us the opportunity to experience how microclimate can have a rapid impact on the surroundings. For the rest of the trek, we had nice weather. I felt on top of the world once I reach the highest point of the trek on day two.

I have to say, that there is nothing like reaching the Sun Gate early in the morning as to oversee Machu Picchu’s ruins before sunrise. It is amazing to be able to arrive at the ruins to witness the first sunbeam hitting Machu Picchu. Our guides, Jose and Hans, as well as all of our porters made this experience even more memorable and enjoyable.

Eric LeBlanc (Canada)

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