The Inca Trail

by: , Danish -
November 02, 2012

I have just come back from the 4 day trek to Machu Picchu. There are different things to say about doing this trek. There were especially two things which made a huge impact on how the trip was for me. First of all the trek itself was, well, much harder than I would have thought it to be - it was challenging and at times exhausting, but this definitely made it worth it! Taking the Inca Trail , I would say is about doing the trek and doing the 2nd day – The dead woman´s pass.

The other thing that was quite amazing was of course reaching Machu Picchu! Once getting there and having done the tour of about 2 hours around the entire site, then realizing that you are actually at Machu Picchu, a well preserved Inca site is just unbelievable!!

Another thing which cannot be experienced without doing the Inca trail is seeing the porters doing such an incredible work. The experience of meeting a porter on the way to the top – A man carrying about 20-25 kg, walking in worn out sandals, walking faster than you – the fact that he is able to ask you how it is going and keeping the spirit up is just another amazing thing and one thing I will not forget about doing the trek! Overall the experience has been good and I am glad I have chosen to do it, though it is rather expensive for what you get.

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