The Incas Be-Trail

by: , Brasil -
January 04, 2015

Well, it was the most awesome thing I did until today but I wanted to challenge myself with something great and difficult to test my strength, resistance and my will to do something.

So these four days were hard, because of the fast change of the weather, the heavy change of inclination of the mountains and the pressure of the altitude, but we were blessed with the most beautiful landscapes I ever saw, very different plants and animals, and the most awesome archaeological sites of the world ! I deduced that the Incas were a very organized empire with very distinct activities and they did them with their hearts and all their will.

And for the end but not least important the people that carry our things, they are very strong people like their ancestors ! And all the people we met and the friends we make even with the difficulties of the different languages we understand each other and help each other as well.

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