The Inka Trail, a really great experience for me

by: , aleman -
August 22, 2012

The best part of the Inka Trail was, for me, when I reached the Death Woman pass and everybody up there cheered. It was a really great feeling to have done these 900m of altitude.

If there would have be no rain, the arriving at the Sungate would perhaps have been better.

Also great was the afternoon after the pass, when we had not only tea, but also hot chocolate with ron and a special tea-drink with ron.

Our team was really great. We were only four girls, other agencies take, I don´t know, 15 or 20 people in a group. So we didn´t had to wait long for anybody. Our two guides were great, big knowledge about all places, funny and super motivators. The porters did a great job, too, every time we reached a campsite the tends were already build, the lunch or tea was ready. The cook was perfect, also offered a special vegetarian food for me, although I told that I don´t want something special.

The Inka Trail at all was a really great experience for me, now everything I want to do, seem possible. Much better than going by train there and doing nothing for reaching this aim. I only can recommend that to everybody who is at least a little bit sporty…

My impression of Machu Picchu: Wet ;-) The last day we had only rain. But I did the Huayna Picchu the day after and then the weather was better and I could enjoy the views. Great! One of the best places I have ever been.

If you have a late train back to Cusco or stay a night in Aguas Calientes, don´t forget your swimsuit, the Hot Springs there are great after four days dirty with only cold water and also great for your legs, you will feel them after hours of walking downhill…

Cusco is a nice city, but very crowded and expensive. I hate to be asked every fifty meters if I want massage, lunch or buy something. That sucks! And then I buy nothing there!

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