the Salkantay trail

by: , USA -
August 27, 2012

Six of us went for a four day and three night hike between Aug 29 and Sep 1 2012 in Machu Picchu. We chose Salkantay.Org for our hike. We originally wanted to do the famous Inca Trail but it was full by the time we decided to do the hike. So as per National Geographic Magazine website recommendation we chose the Salkantay trail, which is the best as per National Geographic among the top, six trails in Machu Picchu. Salkantay.Org website had enough information about the Salkantay trail hike in their website and it gave us all the confidence that we could do the hike and the price was very reasonable. One of our friends had used them when they went to Machu Picchu and that person also strongly recommended.

The hike was very good. The second day hike was very challenging as expected but it was hiker’s paradise. Third day hike was the most beautiful. We enjoyed the scenery throughout the 12 mile hike “river one side, mountain another side and hike through the various plants. Our guide David was an excellent person. He was not only experienced and knowledgeable but also very nice and flexible. He gave the facts about the Machu Picchu without any exaggerations. Cooks were awesome. They even made a cake (in the middle of nowhere) in one morning to celebrate the birthday of one of our group mate who came from New Jersey, US. Â The entire experience was very memorable and enjoyable.

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