The Salkantay trek

by: , Danish -
May 28, 2014

The first thing we did was to buy the tickets to Machu Picchu. And then we found out that every guided trip had included the tickets. But was very helpful to make an offer so we didn't have to pay twice.

I was quite skeptical about what it would be like. And specially what kind of people we would be trekking with in 5 days. But the guide was incredible to make us like a family and it didn't took long before we knew each other very well. I think we were very lucky with our "family", but it seemed like every other group had a fantastic time too. We had two chefs and a horseman and first I felt like they were doing everything for us. They even put the tents up. But it was actually very, very nice to know that everything was working.

I can't compare the Salkantay trek to the Inca Trail , but this trek has some fantastic spots. And we also saw some parts of the stairs. The difficulty was really good, and if you needed some challenge you could make your own trail and then meet with the group again.

We had the best weather and the nicest guide who even took care of me when I got sick.

Thank you!

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